Shown at Mint Gallery Summer 2015 Intern Exhibition, Blind Faith: Sex, Servitude, + Self

Semen stains the mountaintops. was an installation of postcards created on the Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency Dedman took in 2015 with Nancy Floyd of the Ernest G. Welch School of Photography. The postcards were originally purchased from the local gift shop in Joshua Tree. Dedman uses tourism as food for thought, having grown up on a farm in Florida, to poke holes in the history of colonization. Each postcard was cut, drawn on, and sanded away at to evoke the erasure of context of land use and ownership. Dedman wrote the poems of Native American women on the postcards and sent them to friends and family around the U.S. to share the words of indigenous women. The work also used rainwater from the only rainfall he experienced on the month-long desert residency as a glaze medium, sealing and eroding the surface of the pieces.

full installation

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