Shane Dedman

BUZZKILL: Echos of Accountability Talkback

BUZZKILL: Echos of Accountability Talkback was a performance in the group show Identity Crisis, curated by Kirstin Mitchell, and hosted by ExLucis at Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery in 2016. 

Dedman sat in a window before a chair that invited attendees to sit with the artist. The video, costume, and set dressing of the performance BUZZKILL were installed within the corner of the gallery. 

Each participant sat with the artist as Dedman asked: "How have you been accountable to yourself lately?" This invited discussions that ranged from self-affirmation to shame and pity. 

The conversations lasted approximately 2 min - 30 min and involved Dedman mirroring reassurance of self growth and listening to each participant's journey within themselves, as if a conduit for checking in with the self. 

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