AND THEN I SAW ft. Olivia Wilde


AND THEN I SAW is an experimental film composed of an original audio interview with Shane Dedman and Olivia Wilde in which they discuss the history of queer relationships on TV, as well as a visually manipulated gif of Wilde's on-screen kiss with Mischa Barton from the TV series, The O.C. This kiss was the first queer kiss Dedman saw televised. This piece is part of an ongoing series, PERSONAL CANON, which maps Dedman's discovery of queer and trans representation in pop culture. This nonlinear series revisits and distorts the referential media that has validated Dedman's existence, despite external intolerance of their identity, and confronts the memetic shame and delayed sense of self-acceptance that plagues the LGBTQIA+ community. PERSONAL CANON confronts the misrepresentation, exclusion, and rhetoric that continues to closet and vilify the LGBTQIA+ community and experience.

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